Why Juneteenth Matters?

Juneteenth is a holiday that most Americans have likely never heard of until now. It definitely was not mentioned in the US history textbook I read back in high school in the late 1980s. Thank goodness for my Black experience in America that has ‘schooled’ me through other means. Contrary to what some may think, … Read more

How Brands Should Respond in the Face of Racial Unrest

These are unprecedented times. The world was already feeling constrained and anxious with a global pandemic halting life as we know it. We were forced to be still in ways we had never been. That stillness gave Americans a front row seat to the emboldened, modern display of systemic racism that Black America has faced for centuries. We are now collectively staring in the mirror at an unwashable stain that is ingrained in the fabric of this nation. Being common in such an uncommon time simply isn’t an option.

Joy’s 5 Pillar COVID response Framework

At JOY Collective, our hearts are bleeding for the millions of people deeply affected by this horrific COVID-19 pandemic. The world as we knew it will never be the same, and we are all working through our new realities one day at a time. As companies and brands consider how to best help people in a way that is authentic, relevant and meaningful, many of our partners have asked us, “How should we respond to COVID-19”? and “What’s the best way to engage quickly”?