President & COO
Email: orlena@joycollective.com

Born to a British mother and Nigerian father and raised across three continents, Orlena’s creative sensibilities and scientific mind were cultivated in an international family with a strong academic focus and a rich diversity of interests.

True to her Nigerian roots, Orlena was fiercely competitive and driven from an early age. Armed with an undergraduate degree in Industrial engineering from Purdue University and family expectations for a future in law, Orlena began her career as a systems integration consultant and business process engineer. Unable to shake her nagging love of fashion, entertainment, and media, Orlena’s career would take a different turn when she found herself mesmerized by the marketing genius of The Gap’s 1996 “fall into the Gap” campaign featuring entertainment icons LL Cool J and Lena Horne. It was from studying the strategic chops of then CEO Mickey Drexler and marketing executive Michael McFadden that her passion for building intimate connections between consumers and brands was born.

Orlena completed her MBA in marketing and multinational business at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and transitioned to a career in marketing and sales. She would soon discover the perfect marriage of her technology background and marketing training as an executive in the cable television industry, where she spent ten years overseeing marketing strategy and digital media functions. As the head of digital media for TV One, she rebuilt the company’s digital infrastructure and established the framework that made digital and social media integral to TV One's marketing strategy. In 2011 she was recognized in Cablefax: The Magazine’s “Most Influential Minorities in Cable”. Prior to her tenure with TV One, Orlena worked for Time Warner Cable's Broadband division where she led content strategy, brokered new digital content partnerships, and launched the company’s first online consumer game channel. She is an expert in multicultural marketing and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Black Media Matters Consortium, an advertising industry trade association. Orlena has worked for world-renowned brands such as Andersen Consulting (Accenture), American Express, and the Corporate Executive Board.

As president and COO of The JOY Collective, Orlena is our resident chief strategist and oversees business operations and various client relationships. This self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist (she’s a LEO:), gets her greatest JOY and inspiration from her husband of 20 years and three sons. She is a bilingual citizen of three countries, loooooves to cook, and has been known to swing a mean golf club every once in a while.


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On behalf of JOY, we want to personally address and update you on how we at JOY are responding to the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  As always, the health and safety of our employees, friends, families, colleagues and clients come first!  We encourage everyone to stay safe and adhere to the government’s requirements and guidance during this unprecedented time.  We are consistently encouraged by the resilience of the American people during trying times, and we know we will overcome this together.

A few key things to note:

  1. Please make sure to stay informed and updated on news developments from official health authorities including Center For Disease Control and World Health Organization to understand and help minimize the spread and impact of  COVID-19.
  2. Check on each other during this time, especially the elderly who are at high-risk.
  3. Don’t sit in front of your computer all day. Meditate, get up, move around – tackle one of those household chores on your TO DO list from 2019.
  4. If you are working from home for the first time, here are some quick tips to help stay productive 1) keep your usual morning routine 2) Get dressed 3) Set up your work space at a table or desk, and most importantly 4) TAKE BREAKS throughout the day.

At this time, our priority is to make sure our JOY team, clients, and partners are safe while maintaining business continuity.  We remain fully prepared to address the needs of our clients as necessary.  One of the greatest things about JOY is that we’ve had a flexible workforce since our launch 6 years ago, and we will continue to service our clients with the excellence we pride ourselves on delivering, while maintaining safe social distancing.

Let’s continue to support and take care of each other as we get through this together.

With positivity and joy,
Kelli and Orlena