We see you P&G!

Wow. just wow. Last year, P&G’s “The Talk” won all sorts of industry awards including a Cannes Lion award so now, with a supreme confidence, P&G is taking no prisoners and making no apologies with its mission to push a public conversation about bias. Today P&G released “The Look”, a bold new spot addressing the realities of bias against Black men in America. What does that have to do with paper towels you say? We are a more socially conscious and activism inspired nation looking for the brands we welcome into our homes everyday to take a stand for something. To take a stand for us. Here at JOY – we are here for it! Purpose-driven brands are the ones winning in a very congested marketplace and we commend those companies that acknowledge and address the everyday issues that affect us as a society. And since society is made up of millions of P&G customers buying bounty to tide to Pantene shampoo, its only fitting that the company invests in it’s customers in a meaningful way. What a better world we would be if all for-profit companies followed the age old motto ‘doing good while doing well’. Hats off to you Marc Pritchard and the team at P&G.


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